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About us

The original vision of the Cancer Shucks Foundation was a dream of Kevin and Amy Marksberry, owners of Shuckers Oyster Bar & Grill. From Amy...

"Cancer, in all forms, Shucks!! We have all seen the destruction of this disease through our family, our good friends, our schools, and our neighbors. We are now allowing these heartaches to fuel us in a way that we can take our passion of Supporting Families, Uplifting Spirits and Restoring Faith into our community to be able to help those friends and neighbors.  We look forward to carrying out this new vision, giving us a real purpose in life and being able to give back to a community that has given so much to us."



After dreaming about a foundation dedicated to helping Cancer patients, Kevin and Amy set out to find those individuals around them in the community to serve on the Board of Directors that would help them propel their vision into a reality.  Immediately after forming the Board of Directors, attention was focused on gaining Non-Profit status and determining the path of Foundation.  On July 31, 2016, Cancer Shucks Foundation received 501c3 nonprofit status!  Nonprofit status allows the foundation the opportunity to purse grants and donations in an effort to further the cause. The Board is actively reviewing and working on the current needs in the community. 



That is the mission of the Cancer Shucks Foundation.


The foundation will contribute to families dealing with cancer in Wake Forest and the surrounding communities. It will assist in ways that affect the family's day to day ability to maintain order in their home as well as their lives. Things like providing meals, cleaning homes, yard maintenance, transportation to and from doctor visits and even helping with getting the kids to practice or dance are just some of the many ways the Foundation helps.

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