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9th Annual Catching Fireflies 5k RUN/WALK

Catching Fireflies 5k Run/ Walk is a family friendly event!


Why support this race?
Cancer has reached into our lives thru family members and/or  friends in one way or another. No one forgets the heart ache, tears it causes and the lasting scars it leaves. 9 years ago The Catchin’ Fireflies 5k Run/Walk was created by two high school students- Aaron Wollett and Anna Brown to help his high school Agricultural Education teacher, Jodi Riedel and her husband Jamie Riedel (a Heritage High School teacher and coach) with his fight with Lymphoma.

Combining the history of the original and new board members, a vision to make this one of the largest races in NC has been decided.  

Moving forward FSSERIES have decided to work with Shuckers and benefit the Cancer Shucks Foundation 

Their mission: "Cancer, in all forms, Shucks!! We have all seen the destruction of this disease through our family, our good friends, our schools, and our neighbors. We are now allowing these heartaches to fuel us in a way that we can take our passion of Supporting Families, Uplifting Spirits and Restoring Faith into our community to be able to help those friends and neighbors.  We look forward to carrying out this new vision, giving us a real purpose in life and being able to give back to a community that has given so much to us."


Meet some of those we've helped...

Kaden Varela

Kaden Varela is superstar baseball player at WF High School.  His dad is the head coach and his mom is his head cheerleader!  At 17 years of age, Kaden was diagnosed with colon cancer.  We stepped in with dinners, house cleaning and yardwork to help ease the stress on the family.  We added a visit to Supremia Dentistry to get Kaden's braces removed.  That was his ONE WISH!  Praise goes out to Supremia and Dr. Suh for refusing to charge our foundation for that.  

Stephanie Varela

Meet Stephanie Varela.  Stephanie is mom to Kaden Varela that you just read about above. Yep, they both had cancer diagnoses within 1 year of each other.  Stephanie was the first Varela that we helped after her diagnosis of a brain tumor.  Similar to the help we provided with Kaden, we stepped in with help on house cleaning, cooking and yardwork.  Stephanie is going great.




A Luminary Bag with their name written on it 


$5.00 Each

If you have had a loved one that has had or has cancer and you want to honor them. Consider purchasing a luminary and having their name written on it. These luminaries will begin at the beginning of the course. Each luminary bought will go straight to Cancer Shucks Foundation!


4/26/2016 - YouTube

"Don't Wanna Have Cancer No More"

Check out this video starring Mickey himself with some amazing medical professionals including his Peditrician, Oncologist, RN's and more!

Jennifer Willis

Jennifer was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer.  She received some much needed home improvements that included replacing rotting wood and an extensive remodel.  We performed all of that work.  Jennifer is going great!



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Neve Seger 

Sweet, strong Neve!  Neve was diagnosed with malignant neoplasm of the the liver.  She has fought like a champ, been through hell and come close to the edge!  She eventually had a liver transplant and she is doing great!  Neve became Amy's little Bestie.  Pretty much wanted to grant any wish she wanted.  Neve wanted a Halloween bash, so we threw it and threw it big.  

Mickey Macholl

Mickey Macholl was our first CancerShucks beneficiary.  He lost his brave fight with cancer December 13, 2016.  He was a brave, funny and courage little boy that touched the heart of everyone he met.  CancerShucks was honored to know him and his amazing family.

Cancer Shucks for the Mickey Macholl Family


Mickey Macholl, 5 years old, was diagnosed in June 2015 with Neuroblastoma, a rare, aggressive cancer that affects only about 600 children in the US per year.  Mickey has undergone eight grueling rounds of chemotherapy, 4 major surgeries, a bone marrow transplant, 21 days of radiation, and is currently undergoing aggressive immunotherapy treatments that are scheduled to last the next 6–8 months.  The Macholl ‘s insurance plan has a large deductible, leaving them with $29,926 of out-of-pocket expenses for his medical care that they have already paid.  They are hoping to raise additional funds to help offset additional medical expenses that are not covered through their insurance.

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